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Grace University has permanently ceased operations.


Need a Transcript?


As of July 1, 2018, transcripts for Grace University alumni are only available through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 


Directions for ordering transcripts may be obtained by calling the UNL Registrarís Office at (402) 472-3635. 


You may also go to https://registrar.unl.edu/student/transcripts/.


Scroll down to Ordering Transcripts from Other Institutions, choose Grace University and follow their instructions.



Need Education Verification?


Please contact the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Education Verification requests at registrar@unl.edu.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Are replacement diplomas available? Replacement diplomas are not available.


Are unofficial transcripts available?Unofficial transcripts are not available.



Need any other information?


Email: info @ graceuniversity.com





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